What is she up to now? Cover plates do not belong on a bathroom wall! Yes, they do in my bathroom ;0) It started with 6 pieces of crooked and slightly worn teak cover plates which were lonely. They were too crooked to stand on a table, but I couldn’t leave them in that state. They were so beautiful. So, they came home and stood for a few weeks, and looked reproachfully at me. I have something with mathematics, geometry, circles, diamonds, triangles, squares and rectangles. Thinking that it’s probably how I’m made up in my head. Because in the midst of chaos, there must be some order. In a way, the warm teak color fit well to my Skagen yellow bathroom, so why not build a little Skagen into the idea. Circles that symbolize the sun, sea, grass and wavy silver leaf waves. The hand-painted verse painted on the wall is from Holger Drachmann’s Skagen memories and painted with his own handwriting, so using Skagen as inspiration was obvious. The plates are painted by hand with a little leftover paint. I used a pair of compasses to draw the circles and then painted them with a small thin marten hair brush. Then, with glue, I have made waves and laid silver on top. It’s a bit of a puzzle but very cozy; 0) You can paint any motive on your plates. Or let your children make small works of art on them. Enjoy; 0) Hear the sea where it boils up old memories, while foam and sand and seagulls are soul in the same body – Holger Drachmann

As you can see there are different borders in the bathroom. It adds a nice play of colors and breaks the humdrum. The photos show details of the matching décor – all flea bargains and hos home sewn curtains in Skagen/seashell style.

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